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I had the privilege of working with Iolanda over many years at both Almirall and AstraZeneca. She is one of the most dedicated professionals I know with an incredible capacity to dig into the details of an issue and map out how to effectively move forward. Iolanda works well in complex multi-functional and multi-cultural teams and is adept at forming and leading teams to address specific issues. If you want to power up your team performance bring Iolanda on board!

Stephen Lewington
Independent Biopharma Consultant

Iolanda is fantastic to work with having an exceptional ability to collaborate, lead, coach and challenge.  Always able to apply a critical and strategic lens to identify new ways of working and new opportunities to explore.  Iolanda was a key leader in our open innovation activities, identifying new emerging technology vendors to solve previously unmet business problems. Consistently demonstrating a solid work ethic and determination to drive and land change within the organisation whilst able to successfully navigate stakeholders to achieve buy-in.

I highly recommend Iolanda and look forward to future opportunity to work with her again.

Alistair Mackay
Innovation Strategy Lead, AstraZeneca

Though our tenure working together at AstraZeneca was short, the culture which you constructed within our team was certainly one that stuck out amongst the various project teams I supported. When I was a newcomer to the new product launch team, you eased the transition due to your supportive and inclusive style of leadership. It is a style of leadership I look to emulate as I progress in my career.

Michael Tersigni
Program Director, New Product Development, Permobil

Since we met back in 2018, I’ve been lucky to work with Iolanda on two occasions during my role as Innovation Adviser at ACCIÓ (Catalan Government’s agency for business competitiveness).

Firstly, she was our point of contact at AstraZeneca when assessing Innovation opportunities with Catalan start-ups. Iolanda always showcased a true innovation mindset: thinking how things could be done differently, having the corporate value in mind, and going the extra mile to make opportunities move.

Secondly, we received a training session from Iolanda on Investment Opportunities in the Pharma Sector. Her insights as an expert in the pharmaceutical industry were extremely valuable, and we much appreciated how she managed to adapt the message to make it relevant to our mission.

It’s always been a pleasure to work with Iolanda, thanks to her impeccable project management skills and amazing energy. I truly hope I get the chance to work with her again in the future!

Julia Strubell
Innovation adviser, ACCIÓ

Last semester I was lucky to get Iolanda as my professor on one course at IE business school. She made a fantastic job of making the lesson intriguing, educative and if possible I would re-roll in her course. In the course she masterfully delivered the content and at the same time made every student feel welcomed and inspired. I can personally recommend Iolanda as an experienced and passioned teacher who was always there to help and encourage the students, regardless of the situation. With this said I can highly recommend Iolanda, both as a colleague and a friend.

Filip Wik
Student, Labbhandledare, Lunds universitets

I had the honor of having Dr. Iolanda as my professor for my masters at EAE Business School Barcelona, Spain. She is a very passionate, empathetic and an enthusiastic teacher. Her rich international experience helped me better understand the subjects emphasizing on innovation, strategic management and sustainability in this VUCA world.  Her classes have always been very interactive and engaging, I always enjoyed her unique way of teaching which involved not just learning the subject but also focusing on the current happenings around the world. Through her teaching has been an inspiration to me in many ways and one of the key points I would like to remember and try to apply is ¨doing the right things and the things right¨. It was an amazing journey of learning, sharing and growing and I hope I get the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Iolanda in future. Thank you.

Ruhi Kouser
Master´s student in Project Management at EAE Business School, Schneider Electric

Theresa (Terry) Fico
Project Manager/Project Leader/Toxicologist

Dr Iolanda Marchueta was appointed as Launch Team Leader for the most important and strategic franchise. She came with a wide experience in the pharma sector (R&D, operations and business) and managed successfully dozens of launches worldwide implementing creative and innovative solutions, which is one of her stronger competences. She is very valued, recognized and appreciated by her leadership skills, been able to keep the teams permanently motivated and getting in return a high performance behaviour. I would like to emphasize also her interpersonal skills and irreproachable ethical behaviour.

Josep Bou
Director Corporate Project Management, Almirall

I’ve known Iolanda for years and I had the pleasure to work with her leading the operational teams for the successful launching of new products in Almirall. She is an outstanding and dedicated professional, who has a natural ability to innovate as well as to transmit knowledge and contagious a positive attitude into teams and organizations having to confront complex and challenging projects. To me,  she’s always been a clear reference for the Project Management profession in the pharmaceutical industry.

Antonio González
Head Industrial Project Management, Almirall

Iolanda first of all thanks for all the time that we spent together working in the Launch Team, because your partnership, and being able always to manage adversity with optimism and professionalism. You have always demonstrated amazing leadership skills, and ability to keep teams together, motivated and at the same time enjoying.
I also want to highlight your perseverance on building high performance teams, to deliver the best outcome.
Thanks for all you provided personally and professionally.

Marina Gallego Barrero
Head Global IBP, Sandoz

Sonja Jensen
Public speaking Instructor, Author, Career Advisor, HearthMath Resilience Advantage Trainer, Life/Retirement Coach, Presenter/Host, Speaker, Aimmune Therapeutics

La Iolanda porta 3 anys acompanyant-nos en el procés de transformació i canvi de l’equip i en la construcció del nou model organitzatiu del SDI. Consells, eines, metodologia, mentoring grupal i individual sempre pràctics, útils i adaptats a les nostres necessitats i que estant sent de gran vàlua pel creixement i consolidació de la unitat. Un luxe poder comptar amb ella i amb el seu assessorament durant tot aquest temps.

Marta Valero
Responsable del Departament de Formacio i Desenvolupament, PROGESS S.L.

La Dra. Iolanda Marchueta ha participado como docente en el “Master Universitario de Gestión Sanitaria” dirigido a profesionales del ámbito del sector sanitario interesados en acceder responsabilidades de gestión y directiva, así como en varios programas de capacitación  de la UIC.

Sus amplios conocimientos en gestión de equipos, proyectos y liderazgo, más su visión estratégica en organizaciones y ecosistemas aportan un valor inestimable, a lo que se suma, su metodología dinámica y práctica que hacen que la experiencia formativa sea altamente satisfactoria y recomendable.

Su dilatada trayectoria profesional junto con su gran experiencia docente, proporcionan un enfoque práctico y didáctico a la formación por ella impartida, tal y como queda patente en los resultados obtenidos por los equipos liderados por la Dra. Marchueta.

 Isabel Amo

Responsable de proyectos Instituto Universitario de Pacientes. Facultad de Medicina y Ciencias de la Salud, Universidad Internacional de Cataluña

I had the very good fortune of having Dr. Marchueta in my drug discovery group within Boehringer-Ingelheim’s antiviral center. She is an excellent chemist with both exceptional scientific knowledge and practical aptitude. She is a team player with wonderful interpersonal skills who was highly appreciated by all of her colleagues. Since then, our friendship has not ceased to grow, and I have seen her develop into an outstanding pharma leader. Her experience, well-rounded personality and excellence in all aspects of drug development, from scientific matters to management and business models render her an invaluable asset to anyone requiring the highest level of expertise in the industry.

Dr. Stephen H. Kawai
Scientist/professor, consultant and visual artist

Iolanda is a brilliant and highly experienced project and team leader with an outstanding capacity to manage complex operational and business projects. I have worked with her in multiple product launch projects involving both internal launches and through strategic alliance partners. Iolanda is highly skilled at technical project management level, but as well at people management and mentorship.

Andrea Burgos
Director Alliance and Integration Management, AstraZeneca

Les col·laboracions amb la Iolanda ens han ajudat molt en el procés de canvi i a millorar la capacitat d’adaptació a entorns cada vegada més complexes del Servei de Detecció i Intervenció. Ha aconseguit transferir els seus coneixements a l’àmbit dels serveis socials. Unes paraules poden definir el seu potencial: talent, il·lusió, honestedat, paciència, perseverança, passió, empatia, flexibilitat, responsabilitat i sentit de l’humor. El seu rigor i les innovadores metodologies de treball ens fan créixer i desenvolupar els nostres projectes. El seu suport, sens dubte, un gran encert.

David Romera
Responsable de Projectes, PROGESS S.L.

Miguel Ángel Trabado
Consultor y formador de Transformación Digital/Top 5 Marketing Professors & Top 20 Marketing Influencers on Twitter.


Nuria Fernández González
Head of Global Excellence Training, Almirall

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