Advisor & Professor

As an independent consultant, I provide services in the Healthcare/Pharma Industry, Management and Innovation… separately or combined in the Ikigai
(where passion, know-how, value and need intersect)

I’m passionate about


. Strategic Management.
· Doing the right things and the things right.
· Proper planning prevents poor performance.
· Effective Management Practices in a VUCAH (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous and hyper-connected) world.

I’m a Subject Matter Expert on 


· Maximising value throughout the Business Life Cycle
. Launch Excellence, New Product Introduction
· Strong background in R&D, operations and business models.
· More than 20 years of international experience.
· Ph.D in Organic Chemisty.

I’m good at


. Sustainable Innovation.
. Corporate Innovation.
· Generating ideas, scaling-up and turning them into reality.
. Making things happen.
· Thinker and doer!

About me

A passionate and enthusiastic professional that is driven to add-value to the organization.

  • A Project Leader with over 20 years of experience in the Biopharma industry covering R&D, business strategy and product launches.
  • In-depth experience in managing complex multi-partner projects.
  • Proven experience in portfolio management and evaluation of strategic business options.
  • Have supported business development transactions and implementation of deals.
  • Able to manage cross-functional teams and execute project plans according to timeline and budget.


How do others see me?

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