Advisor & professor


Strategic Management. Doing the right things and the things right. Proper planning prevents poor performance. Effective Management Practices in a VUCAH (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous and hyper-connected) world.


Strategic Management

  • Proven experience in Pj Management; Strategy, Tactics and Execution
  • Broad experience in Complex problem-solving and decision making.
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Awards: CEO Award 2021

High Performance Teams

  • In person and remote teams
  • Awards: Team Hero Award 2014-2018


Transversal leadership

  • Breaking silos in the workplace by leading matrix teams: cross-functional, cross-cultural, remote and transversal teams over 11 years
  • Awards: Exceptional Leadership Award 2012

  • Awards: Excellent Leadership Award 2016

Transformation and change management

  • Always in the change curve
  • Supported SDI unit for 3 years during their growth process

Fall seven times stand up eight

Proper planning prevents poor performance

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